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ince the past 1 year, we at Gramonnati Trust have been running an educational program, Vidya Jyoti, in the border districts of Rajouri and Poonch in J&K. The program has so far been run in a pilot stage in three schools.

Vidya Jyoti a joint initiative of Sri Aurobindo Society and Gramonnati Trust that aspires to improve the quality of rural education by bringing in technology and innovation into remote classrooms in collaboration with partner organisations. These schools suffer from lack of quality teachers and availability of teachers.

Technology and innovation for Transformation

The aim of the program is to empower teachers in rural schools to adopt and implement digital educational technology and innovative teaching methods to help improve learning experience and learning outcomes. At its core, Gramonnati Trust envisions rural schools where students have the opportunity to be exposed to the to 21st century technology, self learning platforms, latest knowledge and innovative teaching methods. In the execution of the project, Gramonnati Trust’s role is not only to bring in the technology but also to support and facilitate the teachers in the rural/remote schools to use the appropriate technology, innovation and resources productively and constructively, in the process create a rich and vibrant classroom environment in these schools, fostering a better and more active learning experience.

Collaborate and “Connect”

Vidya Jyoti Program, by virtue of its potential impact in the remote areas of the country is one of the major projects under “Renaissance of India” Program of Sri Aurobindo Society. We are the execution partner for the Program. Our role is to be “connectors”of solutions to rural schools.