Every acre of land that we can convert to natural farming is a service to Mother Earth.

Know More About Food Forest Model

We, at Gramonnati trust, are working in the space of Natural Farming. The element of “operational processes” is key to success in natural farming, whether it is done in a small two – acre farm or a large 100-acre farm. Understanding Nature’s principle and adopting it in our agricultural environment is becoming popular among new age farmers aka Natural Farming practitioners across the world. Observing the work of forest and mimicking it in our farming environment /garden space to produce what we want is often referred to as a food forest. Based on the years of experience and experiments from the different farm fields and understanding of climate factors of farm locations, Gramonnati Trust, evolved its model of Food Forest which gained ideas, inputs, and principles from ZBNF, Permaculture, Regenerative Farming and guidance and support from successful Natural farmers across India.

Food Forest Model

Why / What – Food Forest Model

Design elements of Food forest model