Brig. Atul Sharma (Retd.)

About Brig. Atul Sharma (Retd.)

Co-founder and Trustee

Brig. Atul Sharma (Retd.)  has over two decades of Brigadier Atul Sharma is a retired Army officer with 35 years of experience in the Defence Information and Communication Technology domain. He is associated with Gramonnati Trust, where he utilizes his skills in management, planning, and HR development to help ESM and rural entrepreneurship. With his expertise in ICT, project management, operations and resource management, training, and HR development, decision-making and analysis, and conflict management/change management, he envisions a better-managed and more productive organization over the years. Brig. Atul Sharma has a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru University, a Bachelor of Science from Guru Nanak Dev University, and several certifications in data communication, networking, software engineering, and management development. He hopes to make a mark and create a better-managed and more productive organization.