Solar dehydration Technology used by Gramonnati

Gramonnati dehydrators offer adaptability for various locations. We have a solar-powered dryer, harnessing the sun’s energy for efficient drying and a composite model, combining solar and electric power for enhanced flexibility and performance.

Solar dehydration using Solar Energy

Solar energy-only dryers are entirely reliant on solar power to facilitate the drying process. They harness the sun’s energy through photovoltaic or thermal collector systems and convert it into heat. These dryers are particularly suitable for regions with abundant sunlight and are considered
environmentally friendly and cost-effective due to their minimal operational costs. Our Solar Energy Collector Tray features a tilted black coated solar collector that efficiently heats air to approximately 55 degrees Celsius before entering the drying chamber. This design ensures better efficiency and faster drying. With 100% tray space utilisation, more products can be loaded  in a smaller area, reducing drying time. Multiple fans maintain high air velocity, resulting in uniform drying. The tilted solar collector prevents dust entry, while the absence of UV radiation allows for better color retention, albeit with slightly extended drying time.

Composite Electric and Solar Dryer

Composite electric and solar dryers combine solar energy with electricity to enhance drying efficiency. These hybrid dryers use solar energy as the primary heat source and supplement it with electric heaters when needed. The system is equipped with advanced units for unloading,
ozone washing, slicing and cutting, and dehydration, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the dehydration process. Unlike traditional drying methods that are heavily dependent on weather conditions, this system enables year-round dehydration processing of fruits and vegetables. Regardless of external factors such as temperature or humidity, the system operates 24/7, ensuring a steady supply of dehydrated products throughout the year.