Madras Regimental Centre (MRC) – Coonoor

Gramonnati Trust, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable agricultural practices, has embarked on a vermicompost project at MRC Coonoor. The primary objective of this initiative is to convert waste into high-yield vermicompost while providing dignified livelihood opportunities to ex-servicemen through comprehensive training programs. The project commenced on April 5, 2023, with the installation of 30 specialised vermi-bags. These bags are designed to maximise vermicompost production and have the capacity to yield an impressive 800 kg of premium vermicompost within a span of 90 days. Each vermi-bag is expected to complete four cycles of production throughout the year, resulting in a total output of 3,200 kg of nutrient-rich vermicompost. The anticipated production capacity of this unit comprising 30 vermi-bags is remarkable. At the conclusion of one year, an estimated 96 tons of enriched vermicompost can be generated. This emphasises the potential of the project to contribute significantly to sustainable agricultural practices and the use of chemical-free, organic fertilisers. Gramonnati Trust’s vermicompost project showcases their commitment to addressing environmental concerns and promoting the adoption of organic waste management techniques.

An integral aspect of this initiative is providing training and livelihood opportunities to ex-servicemen. Through comprehensive training programs, Gramonnati Trust equips these individuals with the necessary skills to lead dignified livelihoods in the field of vermicompost production. By empowering ex-servicemen to actively participate in the project, Gramonnati Trust aims to create a positive impact on their lives while also fostering sustainable agricultural practices.  The vermicompost project at MRC Coonoor is a remarkable example of the potential of organic waste management and sustainable agricultural practices. It highlights the ability to convert waste into a valuable resource while simultaneously nurturing soil health and promoting environmentally friendly solutions. Gramonnati Trust’s commitment to providing training and livelihood opportunities to ex-servicemen further reinforces the social and economic benefits associated with such initiatives.

MRC vermicompost unit