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Gratitude Farms participates in Job Fair for Ex-servicemen in Bangalore

On 28th December 2018, we were invited to participate in the DGR Job Fair for Ex-Servicemen in Bangalore. The event was organised by Madras Engineers Group (MEG and Centre, Bangalore.)

Every year, over 60,000 soldiers retire from the Indian army. Having given their best years for Army, it is obligatory for our society to help them skill up and settle into their second innings in a dignified manner.

The Job-fair brings corporates and retired soldiers together and tries to help them find suitable opportunities. In this event, over 1200 ex-servicemen participated. CII had arranged for nearly 30 companies/enterprises to be present at the event with their job requirements where ex-soldiers could be employed

Gratitude Farms was also invited to set up a stall and make ex-soldiers aware of the opportunities with us.

Our mission with the AuroKrishi initiative is to develop 5000 organic farming entrepreneurs from amongst ex-servicemen and their families in the next five years. AuroKrishi programme focuses on enabling rural entrepreneurship in organic farming by providing trainings and franchise to promote sustainable agriculture. We strongly believe that ex-soldiers should be encouraged to be “job creators” and not “job seekers”.

To that extent, we were the odd-man-out at the Job-Fair. We spent time in explaining why taking up a franchise opportunity to become an organic farming entrepreneur with Gratitude Farms is a smart idea, economically, environmentally as well as socially




At the event, we offered the following:

  • Franchise model for ex-soldiers.
  • 15-day intensive training for organic farm.
  • Short Trainings on mushroom farming, nursery and bee-keeping and so on




It was heartening to see the way our message was received by the ex-soldiers present at the event

VP Sharma was the first speaker of the day, addressing a crowd 1200+ retired soldiers about the mission of AuroKrishi, the economic and environmental benefits of practicing organic farming, and a brief on how Gratitude Farms Pvt Ltd will be helping to develop agri-entrepreneurs.

Major General S.B Babu making a personal visit to our stall and conveying his appreciation for the work being done by Gratitude Farms Pvt Ltd.

We are grateful to MEG Centre Commandant and the organising committee officers, who went out of the way to help us get all the support needed for a successful event participation. By the end of the day, 85 ex-soldiers registered their names with us for participating in our trainings and many showed interest in the franchise.