Gratitude Farm

The journey began with clearing the land in mid of August in 2022 and enriching the soil through multigrain sowing and ploughing for two months. To maximise efficiency and diversity, the beds were divided into sections: 2-foot beds for tree saplings and 4-foot beds for seasonal plants like vegetables, creepers, greens, and tubers. Along the borders, we established a complementary banana plantation with marigold and lemongrass intercrops. Careful selection of tree crops were made, such as Papaya and Moringa, along with seasonal crops like long beans, tomato, and spinach, ensured thriving growth in the tropical climate. We have Moringa, Papaya, Curry leaves, Banana along with other border and seasonal plants.
Within just 10 months, the food forest flourished with vibrant life! the food forest plays a vital role in environmental conservation by maintaining biodiversity within the farm ecosystem. Also, it promotes holistic well-being by supplying an abundant variety of greens, vegetables, fruits, flowers, stems, and tubers, thereby meeting the nutritional requirements of families and communities. We are excited to share some captivating photographs documenting the transformation and growth of the food forest. These images capture the essence of a sustainable and regenerative agricultural system that holds immense promise for our collective future.