Projects Of  Gramonnati Trust – Dichpally

In the bustling agricultural region of Dichpally in Hyderabad, the project has successfully created consistent income opportunities for 60 women and 10 local youths with help of niif (National Investment and Infrastructure Fund). Telangana experiences abundant sunlight throughout the year, making it an ideal location for solar dehydration. The availability of consistent and intense sunlight ensures efficient drying of fruits and vegetables. With a focus on empowerment and entrepreneurship, the solar drying initiative has proven instrumental in preventing wastage and adding value to local produce. By utilising strategic partnerships and capital support, the project provides training and installation of solar drying units, enabling women to operate modern equipment with zero energy cost. Each woman is projected to generate a steady income of Rs. 6000/- per month for 5-7 years, contributing to a surplus pool of funds for reinvestment by the Self-Help Groups (SHGs).

Our Project prevents 200 tons of fruit and vegetable wastage annually and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. With the implementation extending for 5 years and handling 3 tons of raw materials daily, the project leaves a substantial environmental and social impact. By creating dignified livelihoods for 60 women for 5 years, it demonstrates the potential of solar drying for transforming rural communities. With enhanced efficiency through smart electronics integration, the SHGs are further empowered to run the units independently. As we witness the project’s success in Dichpally, we are eager to rapidly expand to other regions, amplifying the benefits of solar drying as a sustainable livelihood option for rural communities. The Dehydrator machines, designed and produced by Raheja Solar Solutions and Sukoon Solutions Limited, play a pivotal role in driving the success of this project.