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Delicious Organic Food Without Cooking Workshop

On Saturday, 20th of October 2018, the AuroKrishi initiative under Gramonnati organized its first event, a training workshop on Delicious Organic Food Without Cooking, at the Sharanam center belonging to Sri Aurobindo Society. The aim of the workshop was to provide knowledge about natural and organic food preparations with hands-on training by an expert.

The trainer for the event was Parvathy Nagaraj. She has worked in Pichandikulam forest in Auroville and villages for the past 17 years, specializing in community health awareness, traditional health practices and benefits of local, healthy cuisines. Based on the foundational concepts of Ayurveda (Vata, Pita, Kapha), Parvathy spoke about how organic raw food and herbal recipes are important in maintaining the constitutional balance of the body.

The half-day event from 10 am to 2:30 pm had over 20 enthusiastic participants interested to learn about healthy, nutritious and pure organic food. The day began with Gramonnati founder, Ved Prakash Sharma introducing AuroKrishi and the various activities to those who had come to attend the workshop. The next four hours of the event consisted of preparing, serving and eating six innovative organic recipes, a mix of salads and juices while learning about the health benefits of each recipe and how to prepare them from Parvathy.

During the event, R. Ravikularaman, the primary consultant for AuroKrishi gave a talk on food habits and food systems, and the science and tradition of food preparation and consumption in India. Ravikularaman also spoke about the importance of conscious and healthy eating. He emphasized the need of shifting towards a better way of life by eating well and understanding how the body responds and functions.

The inaugural event ended with a vote of thanks from Ved Prakash Sharma, who expressed his happiness on the success of the workshop and the fact that this is the first of many such workshops to come going forward.


First recipe: Herbal juice called Thutuvalai

  •  Solanum trilobactum leaf juice, coconut milk, jeera or dry ginger and honey.

Second recipe: Fruit Salad

  • Papaya, pomegranate, pineapple, apple, dry grapes with honey.

Third recipe: Sprouts

  •  Green gram, coconut, jeera powder, mint, salt, coriander leaf. The recipe was prepared in two forms. One salty and one with honey.

Fourth recipe: Vegetable Salad

  •  Cucumber, cabbage, carrot, beetroot, pepper, apple cider vinegar, and jeera powder.

Fifth recipe: Aloe vera Juice

  •  Aloe vera gel, jeera, and honey.

Sixth recipe: Smoothies

Soaked and skin removed almond, banana, almond resin soaked in water, basil seeds, honey, pomegranate, apple, and jeera powder.










For recipe and more information on the benefits please refer to the table below.

Preparation method
  Health Benefits

1.        Juices




Aloevera juice









Beet root juice








Aloeverajel, Jeera, honey,









Beet root, ginger, honey.






Carrot , orange

Cleaned bulb 100gm, jeera 2gms, honey  need based Body coolant,

Control blood sugar, blood cells refreshment, cure eye irritation, anti ulcer, anti piles,

Skin shine.


HB improvement, anti anemia, skin shine and improve skin pigmentation,

Cure indigestion issues.


Eye site improvement, born strength, blood cells refreshment



2. Smoothies Almond








Almond , banana, honey







Peeled apple , coconut milk, jeera

Sock in water peeled almond 100gm, banana 1, honey need base grind it together and serve it



Grind apple with adding coconut milk and little jeera power or cardamom


More strength and strong bones and body, loose bad fat, skin healthy and shiny, improve total metabolism in the body

Cure ulcer mouth, throat, stomach,

Reduce body weight and belli, skin shine ad healthy


3. Sprouts Green gram with millet Gree gram, kambu, coconut, pepper , mint, salt, coriander leaf Soaked green gram and kambu over night and keep it tight cotton cloth for 3 hours, sprouts ready, add grated coconut, pepper powder , salt, mint, and coriander leaves Use as a morning breakfast or lunch.

All the nutrition available in this, regulate appetite, body looks slim, sleek and shiny, more beautiful. It helps in anti aging.


4. Salad Vegetable salad







Fruits  and nuts salad

Cucumber, cabbage, carrot, olive fruit or oil, pepper, apple cider vinegar





Papaya, pineapple,

Almond, dry grapes, dates, pomegranates, honey

All vegetable grated and mixed together. Add salt, pepper, olive or vinegar



Peeled ad chapped small pieces mix it together add honey ad serve it

Coolant, solve urinary infection, anti aging, anti cancer, prevent liver diseases, refreshment for the body.

Reduce cold, chest cold, asthma, build body immunity.

Cure anemia, reduce weight and bellyfat.




5. Herbal juice

















Chopped amla, ginger, honey








Solanum trilobactum leaf juice, coconut milk, jeera or dry ginger and honey

Wild amla chopped to small pieces, add bit of ginger or lemon grind and extract juice, add honey and drink


Grind and extract juice add coconut milk and dry ginger powder  and add honey serve it

Good for bone strength, hair growth, solve bleeding gums, cleanse the body , reduce body heat, piles


Cure cough and cold, asthma, breathing problems.

Strengthens fertile power .