Auroville farms

This farms’ Food Forest model is about 50 cents (half acre). We have implemented 4 layer model viz., Small trees, Vegetable plants, creepers and Greens has been planned in a given space in which each bed will be 2ft high and 40 feet in length have Medium size trees – Papaya and Moringa, with green manuring plants and in between tree layers around 160 sq. ft of the plot are present. Whereas short-duration crops and vegetable varieties are grown in the intermediate season according to the intercropping. and we have planted Banana, Lemon Grass and Marigold as border crops. These plant produce are used by Auroville.

Sump is made with the capacity to keep 11,000 litres of water. And with necessary pipelines and laterals to irrigate entire farmland, along with a drip irrigation system.

We also have 2 vermicomposting bags, each of 12 *4 ft of silpaulin bags. each bag will produce 3 tons of vermicompost per year approximately and nearly 100 litters of Vermiwash. which we use for our farm nutrient needs.

This farm also has 1 solar dryer unit for dehydrating vegetables.