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Gramonnati offers a number of volunteering opportunities. If you are a student looking for internship in social programs, Gramonnati can offer excellent opportunities for you. We are currently looking for volunteers in following locations and areas of work:

  • Mentoring Udyam Trainees from rural / small town background …. for leadership development, life-skills, running small projects at school / village level. A typical mentor could take up mentoring one or two trainees over a period of one year, spending about 1-2 h per week for the entire duration.
  • Counselling sessions for trainees and students of village schools. .
  • Deliver trainings for our programs in (onsite and remote – on Skype / Zoom) : .
  • English speaking, .
  • Digital literacy, Digital financial literacy, Project management.
  • Technology skills like – networking, IT Administration, information security, using internet for self-learning, using managing social media tools.
  • Program management in our various programs. .
  • Developing marketing and branding for innovative products for rural India. .
  • Take up Gramonnati programs in your villages / towns. .
  • Field research and impact analysis for our programs. .

If any of the above interests you, please contact Dorota at, or fill in the form.

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    Education / Skill DevelopementDigital Financial LiteracyRural EntrepreneurshipSustainable AgricultureSustainable EnvironmentRural healthcareWomen Empowerment Traditional Livelihood

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    Skill Development, Trainings and Consultancy in a domain expertise: bringing in-depth expertise and knowledge in a focus area (please refer to our focus areas)Liaison: interacting with the Government and other stakeholders to enable Gramonnati's activitiesMentoring of rural students and participants in our programsProgram / Project ManagementPublications & Media: Expertise in Digital Media (video, web, social media, mobile)Participation at the nearest Gramonnati Kendra in your local regionResearch in a domain expertise: bringing strategic thinking, in-depth expertise and knowledge in a focus areaIf other, please specify :

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