Vidya-Jyoti is a program designed to improve the quality of education in rural schools all across India. By working closely with the Indian Army and civil administration we have prepared a customized solution to address the issues of inadequate number of teachers and low quality of teaching. Vidya-Jyoti by combining technology with the empowerment of the local community through process driven execution provides both students and teachers with high quality content, online classes and various enablement trainings.

Our solutions

We use a combination of low-cost and simple-to-use technology with high-value knowledge content to address the needs of the rural schools. Our activities include:

1. Providing low cost and simple to use hardware which includes a laptop, battery operated DLP projection system, video camera + mic, and Bluetooth speakers.

2. Bringing over 4000 High-quality videos (e-pathshale ) for NCERT syllabus for Class V - X for Mathematics, Science and English in Hindi and English in collaboration with CLT India

3. Creating digital classrooms in partnership with eVidyaloka for school children in remote villages with the support of experienced volunteer teachers from across the country that will provide interactive guidance and sessions through video-conferencing as per a defined schedule.

4. Providing trainings on life skills, counseling and spoken English.

5. Empowering and guiding a selected local youth from the Udyam training program to use and manage our solution in a responsible and efficient way in their villages at the grass-root level.

Our Objectives

The focus in the first year is to setup, operate and streamline the learnings for the students and teachers in the selected 20 schools, through e-pathshale and eVidyaloka platforms.

From Year 2 onwards we plan to expand the Vidya-Jyoti solution to become a local platform for many more knowledge-based services, for example, healthcare education (for women and elderly people), and information sessions for local farmers on organic farming and water management.

Benefits and Impact

With Vidya-Jyoti program we intend to improve the quality of education in school by enabling the teachers and bringing high quality educational content to the students. We want to focus on helping raise the awareness and adoption of digital technology in the village school as we believe it is a key enabler for self-learning over the years for all participating students and teachers. As the adoption of digital technology rises, we hope to extend the scope of work beyond the rural school and set up our Gramonnati Kendras as the digital hub in the village. Over time, one of the key benefits through this program will be development of local youth as rural entrepreneurs which will hopefully contribute to reducing migration of youth to urban areas.