Background & Context

Gramonnati Trust has been engaged with Army and Civil authorities in Rajouri and Poonch Districts of J&K for the purpose of supporting rural development and entrepreneurship opportunities for local youth, women and retired soldiers.

Indian Army is closely involved in developing social harmony in the state through its Sadbhavana Program.

About Sadbhavana Tour

In Dec 2018, the state successfully and peacefully completed Panchayat Elections.

In consultation with Indian Army Authorities in Rajouri and Poonch Districts, Gramonnati Trust has developed an educational and experiential tour for 20 selected Sarpanches from the two districts.

We plan to engage with the Sarpanches in these 2 border districts for bringing transformation to the villages where development is l

Objectives Of The Tour

The objectives of the tour are:
  • Learn about best practices in rural governance from successful grass-roots leaders and rural development experts (includes visiting model villages).
  • Learn about rural innovation, entrepreneurship and simple-to-use technologies that can be deployed in their own villages.
  • Make the local leaders (Sarpanches) think about their role in the development of their village and give them a better understanding/perspective of their problems and solutions.
  • To provide for basic framework for the Sarpanches to initiate holistic transformation plans for their villages to be model villages in next 18-24 months.

Participating Organizations

Gramonnati trust is executing this project for rural development in the border districts of Rajouri and Poonch in J&K with the collaboration of a number of NGOs, startup and development experts. One of the key partners in this initiative is Mission Samriddhi (, a social impact enterprise dedicated to holistic human development in India, through the design and development of projects that are sustainable and capable of scale to positively impact the larger population. They are working extensively in clusters of villages for rural development programs.

Visit Program

Pune- (Ralegaon Siddhi, Hiware Bazaar)

Ralegaon Siddhi is Anna Hazare’s village and one of the most well-known model villages in India. It is one of the most remarkable stories to transform a village into a model village; noted for its irrigation system and water conservation program, with which it has fought drought and drinking water problems.

Hiware Bazaar, for the last 30 years this village has developed under the leadership of Poppet Rao Powar.

The aim of this trip was to expose the Sarpanches to model villages and show them grassroots evidence of the exemplary work being done in these villages so that they can realize the potential of development in villages and learn about the ideas and ways in which they can work towards the transformation of their own villages

Chennai- Unmukt Workshop at Mission Samriddhi

This is a path-breaking workshop customized for visiting Sarpanches; on Design Thinking for rural development (how to think creatively and develop villages).

The main aim of this workshop was to free the participants from limiting beliefs and to introduce the concept and importance of Gram Panchayat Development Planning.


The main focus on visiting Pondicherry is to give exposure on a range of rural technology solutions and systems in various areas that Gramonnati is working in with its partners:

  • Water: low cost water-management solutions (TERI), and drip irrigation
  • Agriculture: Organic Farming, low cost Aquaponics
  • Health-Care (DHP)
  • Rural Entrepreneurship (Gramonnati and ICreate)
  • Solar: Micro grids for rural electrification
  • Water purification: low cost, environment friendly, copper based water purifier
  • Sanitary Napkins: Dispensing and disposing of sanitary napkins for girls in rural areas (awareness and execution)
  • Education
    1. Vidya Jyoti
    2. E-VidyaLoka- Online digital classes from volunteer teachers
    3. Digital Literacy and Digital Financial Literacy for Rural India (Gramonnati + NPCI India)
    4. Spoken English

Way Forward

  • Gramonnati and Mission Samriddhi will ensure that the villages are constantly supported in terms of knowledge, guidance and material support to launch programs in their villages and take it forward in a systematic manner.

  • Sarpanches become a nodal point to take forward the projects in their villages.
  • Work at individual Panchayat level to leap-frog to development through interventions