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Orphanages and old-age homes everywhere have been impacted very seriously due to lock-down. Grains and groceries can still be made available to them, with all transport stalled and vegetable mandis closed, the availability of vegetables, greens, and fruits that aren’t reaching them, thus impacting their health and well-being.



Grammonnati Trust aims to distribute and deliver organic fruits and vegetables to old age homes and orphanages in Pondicherry and Chennai, through their sister company Gratitude Farms.


With all vegetable markets closed, Gramonnati together with Gratitude Farms have taken up the task of getting fresh organic vegetables directly from farmers as far as Coimbatore, Pollachi, and Kodaikanal. Pickup trucks (with all required permissions from Government) travel every day to these organic farms and get the vegetables and fruits to Pondicherry.

Since a supply-chain of fresh organic vegetables, fruits and greens is already in place for Gratitude Farms’ regular customers, they scale up and cater to the daily vegetable needs of 5,000 people in old-age homes, orphanages and poor women’s community kitchens in Chennai and Pondicherry.

Our program is trying to address a dichotomy that most farmers have vegetables harvested and ready, the consumers need them desperately, but the bridge between them is missing due to lockdown restriction


It costs just inr 400 to provide one person with nutritious organic fruits & vegetables for one month.


So far we have been providing organic vegetables daily to the following institutions (422 members):

  1. Vishranthi old-women’s Home, Palavakkam, ECR, Chennai (180 members)
  2. St Cluny’s Hospice and Home for Elderly, Pondicherry (200 members)
  3. Karunyam Orphanage, Chennai (22 members)
  4. Rainbow Foundation – Orphanage, Pondicherry (20 members)


Gramonnati is currently  running a crowd funding campaign to help raise funds for our goal.

Please support our work clicking on the link below and donate with a Credit/Debit card, Paytm, UPI, Net-banking, etc. This campaign has 80G tax benefits as Gramonnati is a registered NGO. You will also get feedback on how funds were used. Let’s come together and help those in need during these difficult times.

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